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A year into this blog with 40-some entries, it’s become much more than I ever expected it to be. I have begun writing memoirs and non fiction, well received by my followers and the public, where some of my blog entries have been published in online journals, magazines and other websites. While I’m still working on my novel, these blog entries of other genres are great exercises in writing. I like to see what challenges  I can undertake, and am always pleased by the results.
In my Happy place!
In my Happy place!
Although published many times in my 40 year writing career, what’s most exciting is my current foray into online blogs and memoirs. Every one I believe has a rich family history just begging to come out. But I think age plays a big part in when you’re ready to expose your childhood to the general public. I find myself being more out there with my past than I could have 10 years ago. I was a shy, homely skinny thing in school, and it wasn’t until the past 15 years that I’ve overcome my shyness to be an effervescent, happy adult, willing to share my life experiences in an attempt to let people know that their past bumblings don’t stand alone.  To be able to laugh at yourself is a gift, and I seem to have that gift of gab.
Bullying to some kids these days proves disastrous, but bullying in my day was a fact of life. I truly believe it made me a stronger thick skinned person. Facebook and Instagram are instruments of torture that kids should have a license to own if they choose to post cruel messages or pictures. I recently posted an opinion piece about a local DUI where a cyclist was killed. It was only up for 45 minutes as I was threatened with slander, and “followed” by lawyers for weeks. I didn’t have all my facts straight, and I’m sorry I didn’t rewrite and post again, because in America there is freedom of speech, and I have a right to express mine in my own blog. I hate to be bullied, but I also was incorrect in stating some facts as though they were true, when they should have been stated as opinions. Mea culpa.
This is my blog; check out my website: https://merrieherrie.aboutme.com or find me on LinkedIn under Meredith Harrington.  Thank you!

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