Who Will Be Our Next POTUS?

I’m oddly happy that Trump beat out all Republican nominees in New Hampshire. And, Sanders beat out Hillary, the truly most hideous portrayal of an American politico other than the current POTUS. I was just getting to like Christy and he bowed out. Two years ago, I stuck a “Run Ben Run” sticker in my car, but I think Carson lacks the hard, kick ass drive politicians need to run for president. It’s true he’s very bright, and well spoken, and I doubt seriously that he’d not lie about his emails. I like the man and his poise and lack of pompous attitude. I just don’t think he’s capable of sitting behind a desk in the Oval Office in his lifetime. I like Trump’s ability to run for president without taking bribes, kickbacks, or allowing America to be bought by Arab countries. I don’t care that he speaks his mind if he gets the job done. Trump was born in America, and he knows very well what drives business and our economy. I like that he doesn’t back down on things he says, and that he cares enough about our country to want to build a wall, vet illegals,and rebuild our military. McCain was a great waffler, and I deplored his fence sitting towards the end of that election 7 years ago. I voted for Romney but towards the end of his campaign, I felt as though he ran out if desire to win, and steam to keep powering on.

Maybe candidates should just duke it out. Last man standing. Half of them are backstabbing, naysaying, spreading untrue rumors (Cruz claiming Carson was dropping out), and lying anyway (Clinton Clinton Clinton). A good fistfight would clear the air. There were days when the oppressed Irish punched their way towards that evenings meal for their families. It certainly would be more interesting than lining up to fill out a chit.

I began liking Cruz until his sinister, babyish behavior cropped up during the debates. He’s a sore loser and thin skinned toward criticism, which you can’t be if you become POTUS. Rubio came in at a second choice for me if Trump hadn’t placed in Iowa or New Hampshire, although he at times acts as negatively as Bush, naysaying what Trump says, instead of defending their own promises and ways to solve America’s crises.

But to be perfectly clear, as former President Richard Nixon used to say, I never liked the street performer Obama and didn’t vote for him, not once, or twice. Yet his reputation, and things he ruined will follow me to my grave. Most important for me is how we fucked up,the healthcare system that people from different countries would come and use. Sheiks from Arabia, Princess Grace from Monaco. Our healthcare system wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t always gauge our savings, and 8 years ago, most people had savings, IRAs, and jobs. Obama promised change but we didn’t count on him to,side with Muslims in this ghastly war. Or ruin what wasn’t broke. Menial, part time, full time, and big time, even drug dealers had jobs. We had choice of health care plans, and if we didn’t, we were still seen in hospitals the same as indigents were. Not so anymo, Bro.

I spent from 10:50 am today until 4:00 pm at DSS trying to get healthcare. I actually began this process in November 2015. I know I called the 888 number 15-18 times with only a busy signal repeated in my ear. So I opted to sign up online. Because I didn’t remember my password from a year ago, MarylandHealthConnection locked me out of the online system. I tried Tech Support but again, could not find a human to answer the phone. In desperation, I used an outside insurer and selected Evergreen Health Services, Silver HMO. I based my selection on whether my doctors participate in the plan, and also by the deductible, which I will certainly never make.

Together, my husband and I earn $2000 too much on SS alone for me to qualify for Medicaid. Obamacare doesn’t care if that’s before deductions. The Democrats who bullied their way in Washington to get Obamacare passed don’t care about overpriced plans that cover very little medical expenses. They only wanted brownie points and their names aside bills passed, no matter the outcome.

According to my Canadian cousin, America is handling socialized medical care the wrong way. She loves their health care system, provided by employers, at no extra cost to her. She claims someone in Washington is screwing everything up. No debate there, Beave.

Government workers…ya gotta love their sense of entitlement. They have all state and federal holidays, liberal leave during inclement weather, and 12 sick days a year. They never seem to get fired, just move from department to department, messing up along the way. It’s worse in Federal government. Those who mishandled Fannie Mae were “fired” but still go to work everyday and earn six figures a year. I couldn’t sign up at all on January 16, because on January 18, it was Martin Luther King’s birthday, and state healthcare workers took a long weekend off. But we also had a blizzard in January, so workers chose to take liberal leave and were not answering phones for people to sign up for healthcare. So the fact that I sat there, at DSS for four full hours waiting to see a navigator, who, in the end, could not get the system to accept what I chose as my plan, speaks volumes. Now It’s a full week past the extended sign up deadline. Evergreen, which offers a low monthly plan with a large deductible, is close to Medicaid, only not free. The navigator wasn’t much help. Unable to get into my online account, from which I still remained locked out, the navigator couldn’t even tell me how much my monthly bill would be: any where from $141-177 per month with a $4460 deductible, which she claimed only gets paid if you’re hospitalized, have a CAT scan or MRI. My pharmacy co pay is $30, and possibly $1.50 for generics. My doctor says the deductible must be paid before it kicks in to keep medical costs down. I don’t know whom to trust.

Though I’m not disabled, I have had Type II Insulin Dependent diabetes for 33 years. I have a family history of it – all my father’s siblings contracted Adult Onset Diabetes, as well as my father, who carried it to me. Diabetes began with their mother, who died of gangrene at the age of 42. I contracted diabetes during pregnancy, and though I was able to control it for 5 years with only diet and exercise, eventually symptoms caught up with me, forcing Glucophage into my daily regimen. My glucose is currently, and usually, under control with 2 types of insulin and a pill, frequent sweat inducing exercise, and eating a meal the size of my fist. When you’ve had diabetes as long as I have, diabetes control gets harder. You’re suddenly unable to get rid of a cold. Wounds last longer than they should. You become susceptible to urinary tract infections. This is why diabetes is called a progressive disease. Either diabetes alone will kill me, or a secondary infection related to it will.

There was a time when I was a very good girl, and then a time when I started an insulin that took away my appetite, so I lost 35 lbs. I was happy then! I felt healthy and slender and I could look at any kind of food and not be tempted. I felt no hunger and my glucose levels were within normal limits. And then, that insulin stopped working, so now I’m 35 lbs. heavier, and feel like a blimp. High fluctuations in sugar can be caused by worry (I.e., over lack of health insurance), stress (over impending debt), depression (caused by diabetes), illness, and poor diet. I hate being diabetic now that Obamacare has arrived. It was supposedly created to help those with chronic diseases, the disabled, and the poor. Just applying to this kind of healthcare has forced this diabetic into a do or die situation. I’ve considered not taking insulin simply because two weeks’ worth will cost me $2600 out of pocket while I wait for DSS to recognize what part of Obamacare I have elected. I could die without insulin. Is this really what Obama and the idiots who created the 1,000+ page Obamacare bill want – Less humans to provide medical care for? DSS won’t care…President Obama won’t care…and my predicament won’t make heads turn in Washington. It’ll just be another story of a promise unfulfilled.

So, supposedly I’ve elected to be covered under Evergreen Healthcare. If I don’t like it, similar to some area gym contracts, I’m stuck with the plan for another year. Unless, perhaps, I fail to pay on it. I wish I had enough money to see a concierge doc. But they cost $1-2000 per year without blood work, medications, or any testing.

America, I believe, is too much. Too much choice, too much freedom, too much crime, too many opinions. Sometimes Sanders makes sense. Everyone earning the same paycheck, no matter the job, free education…paid for with our tax money, no matter how rich or poor you are. No,frigging way. Maryland already pays enough taxes to drive me wild. Rain tax. Gas tax. Liquor tax. $12 to go over a bridge twice. And, Sanders stands for everything America isn’t. Communism. Government control. A loss of religious freedom. Big Brother watching. In Canada, taxi drivers alone pay 50% of their annual income towards taxes. Which is why a lot of Canadians retire in Florida. Maybe we should all retire in FL, and leave the other states unoccupied? Who would be POTUS then, if FL is the only state?IMG_2353


2 thoughts on “Who Will Be Our Next POTUS?”

  1. Well Cousin, I think this is what Obama is trying to solve. If I purchased insulin here it would not cost me $2600 for two weeks worth. That seems ridiculous ! And taxis don’t pay 50% in taxes, and Canadians go to Florida because that is where it is warm! I make 6 figures and pay 30% in taxes. No one pays 50% so I don’t know where you got that information from. Yes, diabetes runs rampant in our family and our grandmother died because she thought prayer would heal her and so didn’t take insulin. Our grandfather lived until 96, all those years without her. I never knew him to have anyone else! My sister is diet controlled and so far I have been able to avoid it by continuously being off and on a diet to keep my weight down.
    As for Medicaid, it seems to me like the employees are the biggest problem! Get that ironed out and things should go smoothly. Undoing all of it I’m sure would be a nightmare! As for Donald Trump, you and I differ again. I think he would be a terrible world representative for the USA. And not allowing Canadians to cross the border due to our Muslim terrorists? How ridiculous ! We have such little violence in Canada compared to the US. We can go out and leave our doors unlocked. And the average person doesn’t have a gun nor do they want one. Those are for the criminals who usually hurt each other, not the average person. Yes we had one home grown terrorist who killed one ofour soldiers guarding a monument for the unknown soldier. And some inside information– their guns aren’t loaded! This young soldier of ours was from Hamilton! Proud to be Canadian living in a safe, all health care expenses covered country! It is definitely time to check out your Canadian citizenship and consider moving!


    1. Since I wrote the column, cuz, have had change of heart about our next POTUS and don’t know who would make good candidate. But know it’s not any Dem. Not Hillary, spawn of Satan, or Sanders, an aging hippie who doesn’t pay taxes. But most Anericans hate Obama. We don’t understand why he hasn’t been assassinated. I’m not a gun toter, but believe others have a right to carry. I just wish our health care system did not close the mental hospitals to release the truly crazy to the streets.

      I guess we need to agree to disagree. A cab driver in Quebec told us he pays 50% of his wages to taxes.

      I finally was able to get health care insurance that starts in April. My annual and monthly payments are affordable for someone like me who is retired but not old enough to receive Medicare. I sort of wish I’d grown up in Canada after all.


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