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January Sucks

It is now January 13. We’re due a dusting of snow this afternoon, although with a sinus infection, I’m running hot. I think the temp feels great. Snow doesn’t bother me unless I’m not home.  Rather, at a home, safely tucked in the driveway. January is the longest month of the year in my opinion, nothing but day after day of gray or rain or ice or snow. Like an Achilles Heel, every January I get sick. Usually it’s a mutated version of the Flu, because I got my shot, or a sinus infection which turns into pneumonia, requiring antibiotics. Last year I had pneumonia after a mere two day cough. I’m currently house sitting with two cats attached. In fact, I’ve been sitting since December 16, home only for 4 nights, and back out again. This is my third house in two months. It’s been a long run, but somebody’s got to do it, right? At the end of this month, I’ll be home again, and not out until a month later for a weekend job. A friend of mine yesterday asked me how I could stand sleeping in someone else’s bed and not seeing my husband. I told her I treat it like a holiday, and I think it’s good for our marriage. So even though I’m not on a boat floating from Dundalk to England, or sitting in the sun in Naples, or riding a cable car in San Fran, I’m pretending I’m housewife who just bought a new home fully decorated.

The thing is, I need the Internet. I’m locked out for whatever reason I can’t figure because I have the passcode and name of the service. It’s like an invisible wall is keeping me at arm’s length. No Internet, no email, no texting, no Pinterest, no Facebook, upon which I do business, no blog writing. This is what makes January suck. I’m the first to admit my brain is not hardwired to handle technical computer issues. I’m very good at picking up new software, and databases, but in this 2nd week of a month long job, I am still locked out of the Internet. As one as addicted as I am to the Internet, this is a hardship. The thing is, when I interview clients about sitting for them, I say that I must have access to Internet and they promise to make it happen. And then, they don’t.

Which makes me return to the fact that I’m house sitting with two cats attached for a MONTH. A month is a long time to be away, whether I’m in EU, CA or haven’t left Baltimore County. Yes, I miss my husband, while I talk to his deaf ear, and he turns up the sound on the tv. And while two weeks is a perfect length of time to be away, 4 is not. This year I have two puppies that I’d like to be with, and teach them things. Everything seems to take a lot of energy to do, driving back and forth from house sitting to home, to the bank, to the grocery, and back to house sitting. I miss my own bed, my own kitchen, someone to talk to, and not having to shop everyday for food because although the kitchen where I’m sitting is gorgeous, the cats lay about on the counter tops and leave huge fur balls behind.

The second hardest thing about January is that Christmas is just past and there are bills to pay. Large bills. So I take month long jobs to help with those bills, but it’s hard to sit around someone else’s house trying to find things to do without the Internet. Granted I play tennis 4 times a week, thank God. And I have a women’s group once a week.  So it’s not like I’m a sloth. But when you’re in the middle of a sit, good or bad, you can’t hurry time. So you have to escape in your mind and go lovely places you will never be able to afford no matter if you sit 6 months at a time, or a year. Pinterest lets you select beaches beyond beautiful, like the Maldives or Bora Bora. And buy wondrous bathing suits that make you feel skinny again.  You can read book reviews and be glad you didn’t buy a certain book, or wish you had. And drool over one of a kind jewelry on Etsy. Day dreaming, night dreaming, that’s my solution to January.



6 thoughts on “January Sucks”

  1. The good thing about house sitting for cats is that they don’t require as much time or attention as dogs. As for the fur balls, try brushing / combing them, it might minimize the problem.


  2. Good article Mary. I remember last year when you’re at the house with the lab and you were cold I remember you telling me about it but good money eh

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    1. Actually I lied. I quoted way too low, especially for no heat and no Internet. This year I earned more, but am not planning any more month long jobs. It’s too hard on me, and my own dogs.


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