Jingle’s Hells

Jingle bells jingle bells
All around me’s hell
One friend had a heart event
Another lost his mind,
My puppies are enjoying poop
While hubby’s drinking wine.

Jingle bells jingle bells
F— it all the way
BOA wants all my pay
Barclay too and PNC
Debt just doesn’t fit me well
While Vixen dances away.

Jingle bells jingle bells
ITunes won’t let me in,
My password damnnit I’ve forgot
As snow winds blast the air
Beribboned dogs race to,and fro
In a non melodic merry flow.

Jingle bells jingle bells
Someone get me a drink
The bows I bought are orange and green
For St Patrick’s Halloween
the tape an ugly hue of blue
While I wrap boxes with Elmer’s glue.

Jingle bells jingle bells
Every Christmas I’ll get it right
To not forget a single gift
Though David’s shoes have disappeared
And Claire’s purse went missing too
Found in hubby’s iced cold brew.


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