I’m prepping for surgery on my rotator cuff for Wed. The surgeon called today, asking to change the date by two days. By prepping I mean getting in as much tennis as I can before my shoulder is locked in a double decker arm sling for two months. Just the thought of inactivity makes me shudder. After all, I’ve been playing tennis anywhere from twice a week to seven times. Not seven days, but seven times. Okay, I’m a little bit whacked, but this is how I always embrace sports. Passionately, or not at all.

         Another way of getting ready is to find a dress to wear for a September fancy dance and an October

How to store balls if your skirt doesn't have pockets
How to store balls if your skirt doesn’t have pockets

family wedding. I have 4 days to find one, because I’m pretty sure I won’t be pulling things over my head once that sling goes on.

And, finally, figuring out how I’m going to keep writing when my alpha hand – my right – is otherwise engaged.

        I’ve had right hand surgery three times and done all right. I drove with one hand, moving the gearshift very carefully with my left hand, but everything done at a snails’ pace. Then there was the time I broke my elbow. That was my left side, and driving wasn’t a problem. But things we all take for granted when we’re able bodied, were the worst. Going to the toilet…pulling on clothing…bathing…cutting meat…I mean, I could have written a litany of complaints to various public spaces. Toilet paper dispensers are almost always on the left side of toilet stalls. Opening jars requires two hands, always. Flipping soda can lids with one hand requires the patience of a saint. I’m a great one handed typist, though, left or right. Showering. How do you pour shampoo into your palm with one hand?

I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain, especially since I’m allergic to most pain relievers. But if you’re right handed, and allowed to use only your left one, it’s instinctive to reach out with your right hand. My brain and automatic reflexes will have a rough time with that.

Last but not least, getting in as much tennis as possible before my arm ends up in a sling. 2-3 months without tennis? How will I survive? As a diabetic I must exercise and sweat almost daily. I thought of running, but that will jar my shoulder. Walking, yes, but I think I’m going to try either spinning or Zumba. I hate spinning but it’s good cardio. And I’ve never been part of the Zumba craze.

So, wish me luck. I brought this on myself by playing too much tennis too often, so I will get myself out. But I can’t promise I won’t return to my old ways before long. I simply love tennis that much.


2 thoughts on “O U C H”

  1. Hi Merrie,

    Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow or Mon. Is there anything I can do ? I’ve actually been in your position, and I was living alone and working at the bank – and took baths instead of showers – poured shampoo right onto my head – (I don’t remember T paper being an issue – I guess I moved it ), and co-workers drove me back and forth to work.

    It is not easy, but it will be a challenge. Some how you will adapt.

    Do you need help picking out dresses for your social events?

    Will you continue to sleep with dogs? lol



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