Oodles of Doodles

Hybrid dogs. What are they? Different breeds mated with other breeds, all AKC registered. What is a hybrid bike? A bike with wheels slightly wider than racing bikes with the narrow seat of a racer. Car? Hybrid cars are neither a Taurus nor a Cruse but something better looking with green tendencies in the tank and under the hood. A hybrid dog or cat used to be called mutts. 57 variety. Mutts at one time were the kind of dog most people owned. They were outside dogs, mostly, guarding the yard, house and family inside. They ate meat from the butcher, and gnawed on marrow bones without choking, cutting their throats, or dying of non refrigerated meat. Mutts ran loose, following children through the neighbor and beyond, as kids had ad- and mis-ad- ventures on a daily basis. RCA used a mutt as its logo for a turntable. “Rin Tin Tin”, a famous German Shepherd was a popular TV show in the 50’s, followed by “Lassie”, a collie who proved to be his young master’s guard dog as well as best friend.image imageimageDuring the reign of these two shows, demands for purebred German Shepherds and Collies increased and eventually, every home had a purebred dog as its pet. The popularity of Mutts, over time, decreased and animal shelters were forced to euthanize the unwanted mixed breeds without fanfare. Goldendoodles were a created species made by mating a Golden Retriever, a sweet and thick coated golden animal of love and good cheer with a purebred male standard poodle, what we now call Goldendoodles. Poodles are known to be smart, easily trained, even keen watch dogs. Female Goldens carry the dominant trait that turns their offspring into golden balls of curls. And, “as an added bonus, these dogs have human hair, not fur, matched with human eyes. For those allergic to dander, hair is less annoying than fur. According to a site on the Internet, “Dog Play”, dogs with hair and those with fur, the dander allergen is a myth. Look at humans. We are furry on our legs, arms, underarms, between our legs, while we have hair on our heads and faces. Hair stops growing after a certain point, whereas fur on a Springer, for instance does not grow long, but thick. “Poodles have eye lashes. Since lashes are made of hair, do Poodles get their lashes cut? No. So,the conclusion here is that Poodles have furry eyelashes, but hair everywhere else. Even in sheep, there are two kinds of wool. Fur wool, known as wool sheep, are the ones that don’t need shearing. “The ordinary definition of fur is related to the density of hair, and sometimes its softness rather than its growth pattern.” Goldendoodles are particularly affable with children. This breed likes to be active, but enjoys its downtime, napping on a sofa or its own dog bed. People who have allergies to dog dander gravitate to lab-, Aussie- and goldendoodles because, fur-less, they don’t shed. It used to be that mixed breed dogs were the norm in many households. Now that AKC dogs are being bred on purpose, abandoned dogs are overcrowding SPCAs nationwide. However, a puppy without baggage is easier for families to acclimate to a dog who was abused, abandoned, or neglected, and will take time to train. As much as I’d like to save the world of unwanted dogs, it is next to impossible to convince families that Pit Bull puppies will not turn into monsters. This much aligned breed is taught to attack and kill; some are beaten into submission, then starved until they will eat anything, including a dog. Pit bulls do not come out of the womb biting and growling.  There has been and always will be a stigma to shelter adoptees versus dogs wanted and bred intelligently.

I have cared for two Goldendoodles. Other than being very loving, one is Incredibly stubborn, such as refusing to walk on a leash. The other was devoted to his family, and barely gave me the time of day, except when it came to bedtime. Then he appeared and wanted all of the bed, kissing me until I kept making more room for him. As far as intelligence, I didn’t encounter it in either dog. I think their brains were too hybridized, or left back at the factory. They did bark, though, when visitors knocked on the door, and since one house was all glass, I felt somewhat safe with the loudness of its bark. Above are photos of 3 types of Doodles. The Golden, the Aussie and the Labradoodle.


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