Job Happiness versus MoulaHttp


This week I turned down a chance to interview for a desk job with BaCoPubSch. It was contractual, no bennies, starting at 15 hours to 24, some evenings, some days. It’s been a year+ since I sat behind an office desk taking orders from another person. I’ve lost a lot of typing speed in the interim, and seem to hunt and peck more on an iPad than desktop. I may have turned down a steady income but I also turned down definite unhappiness.

Four years ago after working for a female boss for 14 years, I parted ways, unhappily, when laid off because my boss retired. Not only that, but I was not informed that my contract would not be renewed until I went in search of it! And, to punish me even more for some unknown reason, my boss’s boss, made me train my replacement, a woman 20 years younger. All this after 14 years of loyalty on my end?

But…I digress.

I turned down the interview for one reason. Since marrying 39 years ago, I always did what was expected of me as the good wife. I took jobs when my husband was between them. I convinced myself over and over that jobs were challenging, fun to a degree, and gave me more purpose in life than being “just” a housewife. I truly learned a lot. I learned how to manage people, schedule my time, talk clients away from a cliff, and believe it or not, clean closets in dorms. Finally, 2 years ago, stress and job unhappiness caught up with me. I took a year off to get my shit together. To veg, and think. So when the county called, could I pretend all over again for $13/hour? I’m on social security now, and besides, I submitted an application for this job a year ago. A year ago I would have said yes without reservation. But a lot changes in a year – a month, a week, even a day.

Now I’m doing what I’d always dreamed about. I created my own business to fill a need in the community, and business could not be better. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot to make things work, but my boss (me) won’t really retire anytime soon. I couldn’t be happier, and the pay is lucrative. I wish I’d been the founder of Google or Pinterest, but I’m saving something better for my next life. LOL.

I truly believe that happiness in a job counts more than making big bucks, suffering fools as bosses, and tolerating the tiny prison behind a desk.

(My business is dog care provider and the client picture is Daisy.)


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