Dog sitting is now my life, and I’m more passionate about this than any job I’ve held before. Maybe it’s because this vocation is mine, and I’m my own boss. Mainly, though, I love dogs and cats, and they’re much more giving of themselves than people. I’m pleased that although I opened for business in June 2014, i already have repeat customers.

A lot of my customers are rescues, and it makes me weep inside over what abuses they’ve endured, yet survived. I cannot fathom how a human being can be so stupid as to think a dog or cat doesn’t have feelings just like people, and to be set on fire, won’t “hurt” the “damn creature.” My fervent hope for the future is that animal owners must have licenses, like with guns, to own a dog, cat, or horse.

One recent book I read about dogs is the true story of a rescued Pit. Called “Oogy”, the cover features his picture – a tragic looking white Pitbull with half his head missing. I was drawn to read this book because I once rescued a dog from a dog fighting ring. Like Oogy, my beautiful Walker Hound was used as bait for the most vicious dogs in the ring.

When rescued, she was only 1 out of 55 dogs to survive her wounds. They lived in crates in the backyard of a row house in Prince George’s county. It took until a dog’s death for neighbors to complain about the stench. A Walker Hound is a hunting dog, used once to hunt bear. Walker Hounds follow their scent to chase down a fox or bear and are known for their endurance, but not for their aggressive fighting. Nellie was her name. She had the best temperament ever. She was missing half of one ear, and a small bone jutted from her snout. She always smelled like leather. She could not be run off leash, because being a hunter, she’d run until she dropped.

I still miss her even though she died 22 years ago. She is more a part of my soul as any of my dogs who lived longer lives, because perhaps she and I knew our time together was limited. Her howl of a bark was a joy to hear, and I’m sure when it thunders, she’s adding to the cacophony.

Not for the feint of heart, try “Oogy” by Larry Levin.



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  1. Love this,too… short and sweet. One grammatical correction in last paragraph: more a part of my soul THAN any of my dogs who lived longer…

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