Business cards – a small introduction to your future

Recently I attended an outdoor event – a lacrosse game to be exact – in MD that’s pretty much how people fill their weekends, and quite a few attendees brought their dogs. Well, I just so happened to have a purseful of business cards for my dog sitting business. So I arose from the bleachers, came out of my shell, and began to talk dogs with the owners. Dog owners talk more about their dogs, I think, than their children!

By the time I’d left the game, Gilman School versus The Hill School from Pennsylvania, 12-4 (ugh), I’d handed out 5 cards. Not a lot, but if I were to get calls from all 5 owners, it’d be a lot more business for me than zero, which is what I’d have had without passing out any cards.

My business cards are my lifeline to a successful career in dog sitting. I love the unique design and the price. They come from Moo, an online business card printer, and have two colorful designs, both front and back. On one side is the nose of a cat or dog, and on the other side is my business information plus a photo of me.

Hopefully by now, those business cards are in someone’s wallet or magnetized to their fridge. I know where mine are all the time, in a small box in my purse.

Want one? Just respond to this article and you and your dog can meet me soon.


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