A Blow to the Chest

A friend, the only breadwinner in her house, has just been retired. She lives halfway across the country so it’s not like I can hop in the car and be with her by tomorrow. She and her husband had a raucous row this week, she can’t confide in him. He quit his vocation years ago without discussing it with her first. He was the town’s only dependable plumber. Now he brews beer, but not for money.

This reminds me of myself, nearly two years ago and a few months. I’m still recovering. Literally one minute you are a valuable employee, earning pay checks, making wise decisions about money, trying to save but needing more discipline to do so…the next, you’re slammed to the ground like trash and FIRED, RETIRED, LET GO, whatever lie they can make up to get rid of you. There us no end to,their arsenal.

Not to mention that my friend’s boss lured her away from another company to work for him. Or that the pay was great. But he did give her a car and gas, and health insurance, which is much more than she’s ever had from an employer before. But to up and suddenly tell her she is retired? How about a one week warning? One day even?

Right now she’s unwilling to talk about it, as I was for a few days. It just takes the breath right out of you. There are fighters, yes, who protest, threaten to sue, but the end results are always the same. You’re outta here! Done for! Finite! Hasta la vista!

It doesn’t matter what she did for a living because she was industrious, detail oriented, and had an excellent work record. But life is hard, and her paycheck was her savior. All I can hope for is that she lands on two feet like me, and is ready for the wildest ride of her life. Finding a job at the age of 54. God Bless Bonnie


2 thoughts on “A Blow to the Chest”

  1. I hope she is able to find a new job that she likes better. Some employers are just heartless. Sad


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