This Writer’s a Blockhead

Am still muddling along, except gave divided book into 3 parts.

Musings and Mumblings

I can’t believe it’s happened to me! I used to scoff at those who would complain and say they hadn’t written in days due to “writer’s block.” I thought they were lazy. I thought they were a flash in the pan. I didn’t believe there was any such thing as writer’s block. I’d imagine a heavy anvil upon which a writer would place his unfinished draft and chop it in two. But now I know. Writer’s block to me doesn’t mean I’m fresh out of ideas. Instead, it means I’m sick to death of editing my 4 year old novel in progress, and want to get on with life.

Thank heavens I’ve saved every draft I’ve ever written of this novel. I had such good intentions, I was so clear about what my topic was, who my characters were, the antagonist, the protagonist, the time and place, ad infinitum. True…

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