I Taut I Saw a Wabbit!

OMG, what is the world coming to? My 10 year old English Springer Spaniel had his own photo shoot today! No, I am not making this up! It really happened! The photographer, from The Sunpapers, arrived between 9 and 10 am, with a wide angle zoom lens camera. Angus barely moved off his wing chair to greet her, as if he’d known all along that paparazzi would come someday for him. He, after all, came over on The Mayflower, with his English ancestors. Although I think he was used as chow meat eventually, he, however played an important part in the settling of Plymouth Plantation. I’m quite certain it involved laying low, swimming, and catching wabbits, birds, and newspapers.

Anyway, Angus poised sitting looking straight into the camera in his wing chair that matches his lovely auburn coat, and then he posed in a patch of sunlight as he cleaned his balls, then he posed seated in the dining room chair while I fed him a Clementine, then we moved outside to see if we could hunt for wabbits. Since no wabbits appeared, instead we hunted the brush and were alerted in case of escaping wildlife. I think the weather was too cold for even Winnie the Pooh.

My dog is more famous than me! If he had thumbs, he could write and probably get published before me! He has already appeared in the magazine “Garden & Gun” in their online addition about dogs at play. Angus was a giant snow bunny from trying to walk through 5 feet of it one day a few years ago.  Looking at him, it was difficult to tell if the bundle of snow balls was alive, and a dog.

Just this week, using Writer’s Relief to scan a synopsis of the first 15 pages of my novel in progress, read a jacket blurb, and my bio, I was rejected as a potential writer of the book. The consensus was the book was too lengthy (an admission I’d already made in my query letter), had too many words/pages, and would not sell. Tell me something? If you send in only 15 pages, and in your query letter states that you know your book needs scaling back, and will do anything you can to make it publishable, then why are you still rejected? There I was, so convinced I had a great story to offer the public, I was almost ready to shell out $400 for a private editor to read 50 pages. Harrumph!

I am a very tenacious person. When my FedEx package headed for Parole, MD, ended up in Winter Park, FL, did FedEx track it down? No, I did. Using a combination of the Internet, FedEx tracking system that ended like a giant dinosaur at 3:30 pm each day, not beginning until 8 am the following morning), I found my package and the very kind woman upon whose porch the package had been chucked, sent it back to me via Brown. You see, i don’t always take no for my final answer. I will return to this book, and rewrite from the start to make it better. It’s on my bucket list! My characters have grown too much in my mind to die young. I am having a pity party along with a vicious case of bacterial laryngitis, but once I’m better, it’s back to it again, wight, wabbit?  A widdle waddle of Angus’s savvy tail told me so.image


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