Night Writing

Ah, the loneliness of a post midnight writer!

Not really. I am, and always have been, a late night writer. Lonely, I’m not. Passionate and organized and dedicated I am. Days are for living life, working a job, catching up with friends, spending time with family, and formulating content for writing. But nights, for me, from anywhere around 8 pm to 10 until 1, 2, or 3 am are for writing. Screw morning. Right now, I am a full time writer. Besides, who can sleep when new plot and dialogue dance around in your head?

When I’m hot on an idea, words racing from my brain to my fingers as I type, I want silence. Jimmy Fallon, okay, but I usually don’t hear a thing he says. SNL is an annoying disturbance. When I am stumped, or editing the same sentence over and over, I want music. E. S. Posthumous is good for the sad parts of my novel, but when Matthew, the teen age boy in my plot speaks, Pit Bull or Mumford and Sons or even O.A.R. spurs me on. When Sir takes command I need The Killers or Dave Matthews.  For Bean and Merry, Justin Timberlake will do, but good God, not Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or even Shakira. I’m old school Rap, Alternative and whatever else Pandora sends me.

i don’t eat after 8 pm, so sticky keyboards are not a problem. I drink, but only Sparkling Ice. Bazooka is a favorite, blowing bubbles the more I’m inspired. But mostly, staying up late is pure business. I can write for 4-6 hours straight and wonder when 11 pm came and went.

When I worked full time, night writing was more difficult. I had to literally begin after dinner and end by 11. Editing was harder too, because it ate up valuable forward moving time. It seems a miracle to me, 3 years into the process, that I have rewritten parts of this book so many times and not quit, killed myself, or thrown my laptop out the window.

The querying begins. A new, agonizing part of writing, where you let your “baby” fly by  sending  it out into the world of publishers to see if those endless nighttime hours can speak for themselves. Like most true writers,  I dread rejection,but need it too.




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