What”s Next, Doc?

i am nothing if not adventurous both inside my house and out. I can multi task until the cows come home and keep my shoulders straight and my sanity. i am organized and detail oriented – I raised a successful independent self employed son who played 3 sports a year from age 5-22. I stayed with my mother every minute until she died while my sister frollicked in the sun in Fl. i am currently playing tennis with 3-4 tennis leagues per week, and hope to start my own league. While I take some time off from the Real world of a 9-5 job, I’ve been soul searching as to what I want to be “when I grow up”.  Peter Pan has always been my hero.

I have had many wonderful adventures along the way, starting when I was 13 working as a Candy Striper at two hospitals, to baby sitting, to running a babysitting agency, to dropping out of college to write the Great American Novel, to working in a hospital so I could pay the rent & marry a doctor (didn’t  happen),  to working my way up from proofreader in a law firm to director of its word processing department, to working for a psychologist and then starting my own Third Party Billing company, to becoming a schools’ first PR Director and alumnae director at the same time, which led to me forging a long time friendship with a news anchor who herself went on to cover Capitol Hill as an anchor at ABC News, to become a stay home mom for 3 years, to doing amazingly fun volunteer work tutoring  disadvantaged youth in the Baltimore City School system, to scheduling workers in a consignment shop, to editing a newsletter, then a series of newsletters, to helping out in a soup kitchen, to organizing a women’s dinner club (still in existence after 30 years) to managing a womens private social club (paid job), to working for a nonprofit animal rescue agency, where i became the proud owner of an American Walker Hound in addition to 2 other pets, to becoming an editor at a Fortune 400 company, to temping in a public school, to working in a private school, and most recently, returning  to my writing roots, and working at a local university (not a good fit). Phew! You would think I’m already grown up, or at least a brainiac with all my different career paths. but you know what? i never did finish my college degree, and yet, i managed to always land on both feet and make good money to pay rent and squeeze in  a summer vacation.

So what do i want to do with my life? WRITE, YES! Finish a novel in progress.  I also  know what I dont want, although I might still have to do it: Not work minimum wage 40 hours a week for an abusive boss as her punching bag. Or be a slave minion. Been there, done that. I don’t want to work with food because i like it too much. i dont want to  do retail because I just dont want to be nice to people who are rude and act entitled.

right now i am taking college non credit courses in grant writing. maybe something will come up there. but whatever i do next, i like to  think it’ll be my last time of job seeking in a traditional workplace, because I’m getting too tired of reinventing myself.

One thing I know for sure – God must be watching over me, as I have never starved.


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