Victory in Words

I’ve been trying, dying, crying, and whining about not getting published for years. Oh, yes, i found myself published with non fiction articles about 20 years ago, but nothing recently. Try though I did, there was always someone with a better word, Story, idea or quicker pen. Until last week, when I won a flash fiction 21 word writing contest. What this means is that all those endless hours of writing, editing, writing, editing, and more editing, are quantified in my mind. it was all not for naught.

I muat admit, when Flash Fiction first came on the scene, I was a doubter. What the heck was a 6, 8, 10 word story? Was it for real? were FF writers yanking “true” writers’ chains? Making “true” writers struggle even more in an already competitive publishing field?  But FF writers are not really that much different than “true” writers. Writers are writers are writers. We are all after the same goal.  Get recognition, have our stories heard, and maybe get published, gain fame, notoriety, or money – or just the ability to pat oneself on the back and smile for a very long time.

Come May, I will get to see my piece in print on http://www.pennyfiction.com, thru http://www.hauntedwaterspress.com.

please check it out in MAY,  and be sure to LIKE the website!


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