What the Author Wants

I apologize to all my readers for re-writing and re-sending multiple edits to maybe change sometimes one lousy sentence in each entry.  It seems I am never happy for long with what my characters say or do.  I am finicky about the most minute word and will edit it into oblivion if needed.

Hemingway too was a perfectionist.  He would no sooner see his book on a bookstore shelf then he’d be tearing it apart, re-writing it again!  “The first draft is always shit,” is a direct quote of his.  How true can a truism be?  No truer than a Merry-ism.

What I want is to have you find my characters as interesting as I find them.  Will, truly a flawed man, has some redeeming qualities.  The thing is, can he see his way in the dark?  Ali, his wife, is haunted.  She did something horribly, terribly wrong.  Twice.  Will she be granted absolution of her sins? Bean wants an Olympic berth so bad she can taste it.  Can she achieve it too? Matt, wants a lot of things, but mostly, to be accepted by his father for who he is.  Can love be won, or does that too have to be earned? Merry, mother hen to all, wants her name to come true.  Happy.  Will she be the tie that binds?

So, please hang in for the long haul with me.  Things will get better, I promise.  After all, this is Fiction.


THanks for commenting, the more the merrier

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